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R. John Wright - Hummel Angel Serenade
Hummel - Angel Serenade
Our Price: $975.00
The fourth issue in the RJW Hummel® collection is the charming "Angel Serenade" based on the original illustrations by Sister Marie Innocentia.

A lovely companion piece to the previously-issued Celestial Musician, Angel Serenade is made entirely of the finest all-wool felt and fully jointed with the RJW ball & socket system with internal wood mechanism.

The lovely angel child stands approximately 12" tall. The molded felt head has delicately hand painted features and a wig of the finest mohair. The molded torso and limbs have sculptural details and the hands feature individually-sewn fingers.

Angel Serenade comes costumed in a classic all-felt gown with a hand-applied metallic motif. The costume has been artistically shaded in subtle hues to evoke the original Hummel coloring.

The angel wings are molded out of felt and beautifully hand painted. The little musician holds a custom-made mandolin handcrafted out of wood at the R. John Wright Workshop.

The darling RJW lamb by her side is made of all-wool plush with a jointed neck, glass eyes and a brass bell on a silk ribbon. Every detail has been meticulously researched to capture the essence and emotion of the original Hummel® artwork.

Each Angel Serenade includes a felt-covered wooden base with a metal rod which inserts into a leg for effortless display.