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RubyRedGalleria is a well-known online Doll fashion boutique specializing in serving the demanding need of all types of doll lovers all “under one roof”. We cater to every detail need of your lovely doll; from top to bottom, head to toe. We started in 2008. Since then, our brand name has already been recognized and appreciated by the general collector doll public, worldwide, for its awesome doll designs; haute couture doll costumes; and for the many fashion accessories such as wigs, shoes, hair and jewelries etc.

In addition, our exquisite sewing and attention to down-to-the detail quality work are now well recognized in the collectible doll market worldwide.

All of our RubyRedGalleria created dolls are designed to emphasize human characteristics, and the doll sizes are just perfect to be hand-carried around by doll collectors to be paraded in public everywhere.

In addition, RubyRedGalleria also supplies various many high quality designer doll accessories; not just designer outfits but also designer shoes, wigs, jewelry, eyes, bags, Reborn mohair, 18” play dolls and many others; and not just for BJD dolls alone, but also for many other types of other popular doll lines such as Riley from Helen Kish™, Lati-Yellow™, Rosenlied Monday™, Bisou AI™, Blythe™ and Pullip™; etc.; as well.