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By The Sea - Sara By The Sea - Sara


Happily Ever After Store Exclusive
Edition: 125 Pieces

By the Sea - Sara dressed in a modern sailor costume.

Featuring light blue eyes and long blonde wavy hair (removable wig).

A cute octopus dolly included.

Our Price: $169.99
Sale Price: $119.00
Savings: $50.99
Bella - Dream Big Bella - Dream Big

Dream Big Bella believes in reaching for the stars and following her heart.

She is inspired by all of the beauty around her and hopes to inspire others!

Bella is an aspiring fashion designer.

After she and her friends graduate, Bella hopes to attend Fashion School in London and help each and every girl express herself through the power of individual expression.

Bella features very long highlighted auburn hair with two long braids.

She has amber eyes.

She comes with her signature Dream Big shirt, along with her fab denim vest, printed lace trim skirt and leggings plus lace trim pink boots.

She is totally posable. Rule the runway Bella!

Our Price: $129.99
Sara - Let Your Light Shine Sara - Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine Sara believes in kindness and helping her friends and others.

She believes that by sharing her light, the world can be a better place.

Sara is an aspiring Vet-shionista - She loves fashion and she adores animals.

After she and her friends graduate. Sara will be sure to keep all animals in her care healthy and stylish!

Sara features very long blonde hair that comes well past her waist, with a long wrap around braid and light blue eyes.

Sara comes with her signature Let Your Light Shine shirt, along with her fabulous fashion denim jacket, the latest jeans and floral sneakers.

She’s totally posable. You go Sara!

Our Price: $129.99
Hanna - Think Happy Thoughts Hanna - Think Happy Thoughts

Think Happy Thoughts Hanna believes in Rainbows, Unicorns and Joy to the World.

She wants everyone to be deliriously happy.

She is certain that anything is possible with a Can-Do attitude!

Hanna wants to spread happiness through Dance. When she and her Friends are Dancing, they are able to rock the world in style!

Hanna features a dark wavy bob hairstyle and deep brown eyes.

She comes with her signature Think Happy Thoughts shirt, along with a cropped denim pagoda style fringed jacket, denim shorts, fishnet stockings, and pink fashion sneakers.

She is totally posable. Fashion freeze frame Hanna!

Our Price: $129.99
Kayla - Be Confident Kayla - Be Confident

Kayla - Be Confident believes in always being her best and doing her best and empowering her friends to do the same.

She is always on the go and has not met a sport she did not like. From soccer to tennis to gymnastics, Kayla does it all with fierceness and style. Kayla always goes for the gold.

After she and her friends graduate, Kayla wants to build a fashion empire.

She wants to express herself on the field and off the field as a world fashion icon.

Kayla features a long, curly pop pony tail and brown eyes.

She has a ruffled pink tunic, the latest ankle length skinny jeans and white flats.

She is totally poseable. Go for the win Kayla!

Our Price: $129.99
Stella - Rock Star Stella - Rock Star

Rock Star Stella believes in entertaining her friends and family through her electric personality and wicked sense of humor. She loves making people laugh out loud!

She believes she is meant to be a star and wants to use her imagination and creativity to bring her own style of music to the world.

When she and her friends graduate, Stella wants to enter a reality singing contest because she knows it is her destiny to win!

Stella features long red hair with blonde highlights and celestial green eyes.

Stella comes with her signature silver glitter Rock Star on a black t-shirt, along with a blue star cardigan and butterfly and flower applique jeans. Her boots sparkle and shine. Her double pom pom baker boy hat is all the rage!

She is totally posable. You rock Stella!

Our Price: $129.99
Maya - Always Be Kind Maya - Always Be Kind

Always Be Kind Maya believes in magical moments with big splashes of sparkles and glitter…… lots and lots of glitter!

Maya is authentic and kind. She is always on top of the latest trends and often starts her own!

After she and her friends graduate, Maya wants to host a fashion blog and be a huge influencer that reflects her style and individuality.

Maya features a long brown curly hairstyle with highlights and light browns eyes.

Maya comes with her signature Always Be Kind t-shirt, along with a furry pink jacket and paper bag skirt, leggings and the latest flower sneakers.

She is totally posable. Make magic Maya!

Our Price: $129.99
Freida - Girl Power Freida - Girl Power

Girl Power Freida wants to be a prominent TV personality someday!

She believes in female empowerment and humanitarian causes. Freida believes in equality for all, not matter how big or how small!!

Freida loves to read everything she can get her hands on. When she’s not ready, her hobby is cooking and baking for her family and friends.

When she and her friends graduate, she wants to become a reporter and travel the world shining light on the issues of health, education, and justice for all.

Freida features long dark brown hair that is pulled to the side in a long braid. She has beautiful deep eyes that have a fiery center.

She comes with her signature “Girl Power “t-shirt, along with a white motorcycle jacket, lavender and white stripe leggings, a purple tulle midi skirt that has subtle white polka dots, and silver high-top boots.

She’s totally posable

Shoot for the Stars Freida!

Our Price: $129.99
Sara - Splash Of Style Sara - Splash Of Style

Let Your Light Shine Sara (Splash of Style) is sporting brand new tresses, with pretty pink highlights that compliment her beautiful blonde curls.

Sara’s iconic denim jacket is bursting with bright fuchsia and azure blue. She wears her unique phrase ‘Let Your Line Shine’ on her pink t-shirt and a pair of white lace pattern trousers. Her cyan lace-up high-tops have adorable white floral patterns and white floral applique.

Sara’s new look is feminine, unique, and fun! Her beautifully intricate lace pants and fancy footwear will make her stand out from the crowd.

Our Price: $129.99
Hanna - Splash Of Style Hanna - Splash Of Style

Think Happy Thoughts Hanna (Splash of Style) wears a glittering iridescent pink mesh jacket over her tank-top that sports her unique phrase ‘Think Happy Thoughts’. Her unique denim item has been re-worked into a cute pair of pink and blue tie-dye effect shorts. Styled under her shorts are a pair of shocking neon pink fishnet leggings that she wears with a pair of pretty pink floral high-tops, finished with an adorable bow at the heels.

Hanna’s new look oozes exuberance and excitement! Her shining mesh jacket and neon leggings will shine in the sun and light up every room.

Our Price: $129.99
Bella - Splash Of Style Bella - Splash Of Style

Dream Big Bella (Splash of Style) wears a denim vest with cotton candy and baby blue tie-dye effect over a tank top with her signature phrase ‘Dream Big’ emblazoned on the front. Her pleated skirt is made from an iridescent pink fabric that catches the light and glistens in the sun. She wears long socks with two sporty stripes and floral lace-up high-tops.

Bella’s new look is sporty, fashion-forward, and bold! Her glistening skirt and eye-catching vest are sure to turn heads wherever she goes.

Our Price: $129.99
By The Sea - Kayla By The Sea - Kayla

Happily Ever After Store Exclusive
Edition: 125 Pieces

By the Sea - Kayla is dressed in a modern sailor costume.
Featuring brown eyes and a long curly pop ponytail (removable wig).

A dolly with a separate costume is included.

*Kayla and one dolly included, Maya is not included.

Our Price: $169.99
By The Sea - Maya By The Sea - Maya

Happily Ever After Store Exclusive
Edition: 125 Pieces

By the Sea - Maya dressed in a modern sailor costume.
Featuring a long brown curly hairstyle with highlights (removable wig)
and light brown eyes.

A dolly with a separate sailor costume included.

* Maya and one dolly included, Kayla is not included.

Our Price: $169.99
By The Sea - Bella Blue By The Sea - Bella Blue

Happily Ever After Store Exclusive
Edition: 125 Pieces

By the Sea - Bella dressed in a modern pink sailor costume.

Featuring amber eyes and long wavy auburn hair (removable wig).

A seahorse dolly is included.

Our Price: $169.99
Glory Glory

Let Freedom Ring with Glory! Our patriotic Glory is ready to celebrate America!

This patriotic beauty loves hanging out with her BFF Amariyana, cuddling with their dolls & watching fireworks!

She is dressed in a royal blue cotton pinnie dress.

The dress has shoulder straps, red buttons, ruffles all around, and a layered rosette in front.

Her bell bottom pants also have ruffles and lace with a mini print star pattern.

She has festive clogs, a twin print floppy hat and a look alike rag doll bestie.

Glory has long golden blonde hair with a side braid. Wigs are not glued.

She has dark blue cobalt eyes.

Our Price: $169.99
Fashion Friend Robin Fashion Friend Robin

Robin uses the Maya/Kayla head mold.

Robin has beautiful flushed cheeks, long auburn hair styled into pretty braids and striking green eyes. She arrives wearing a red fair isle sweater, a red plaid skirt decorated with Christmas cookies, white knit tights and a pair of brown calf-length boots. She has tons of accessories so she can snuggle up by the fire or brave a snowball fight! Her accessories include a pair of white fluffy earmuffs, red mittens and a red plaid scarf.

To stay warm, she arrives wrapped up in a crimson-red duffle coat with authentic horn-shaped fastenings, a white fluffy collar and matching white fluffy pockets.

*arrives with randomly selected Christmas cookie accessory

Our Price: $169.99
Mini Sara - Let Your Light Shine Mini Sara - Let Your Light Shine

Doll: 8"
Removeable Wig: 5.85" (5-6)
Edition: 600

To celebrate Ruby Red Galleria’s 15th birthday, we have created an extra special Sara! Mini Sara in Ten Ping size!

Mini Sara is an adorable little recreation of Ruby Red Fashion Friend Let Your Light Shine Sara. She wears the same iconic outfit worn by her larger counterpart - a pair of distressed denim jeans, a matching denim jacket, a pale pink t-shirt with a “let your light shine” graphic and a pair of sweet floral high-tops. She has long lush blonde hair styled in braid, rosy cheeks and a serene smile.

Mini Sara is the perfect pocket-sized companion, ideal for traveling and spontaneous photo shoots. With an incredible 26 different points of articulation, including at her chest, wrists and ankles, Mini Sara is able to master pretty much any pose.

Mini Sara comes with an extra special birthday present - a gorgeous baby blue doll carry case complete with a Ruby Red Galleria patch.
Join the birthday celebrations with Mini Sara!

**14.5" Ruby Red Fashion Friends Sara not included.

Our Price: $249.00
Arana Arana

UFDC Exclusive
Edition: 50 Pieces

Our Price: $295.00
Rose - Yellow/Blue Rose - Yellow/Blue

Edition: 110

With elegantly curled hair, striking green eyes, and full cheeks, Rose is a classic beauty. Rose is a historical doll, dressed in the fashions of the 19th century.

She wears a Victorian-style striped dress complete with a separate padded bustle and net underskirt. At her neck, she wears a vintage-style cameo brooch that perfectly compliments her elegant pearl earrings.

Her accessories include matching walking boots with black buttons worn over white stockings, a flat crown hat, and a hat box bag stamped with the Ruby Red logo.

Our Price: $395.00