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Meet cousins Keeki Adaeze (AKA "the social girl") and Zuri Okoty (AKA "the boss"), as well as their childhood friend, Amirah Majeed (AKA "the planner"), as they embark together on a new venture: the opening of a hotly anticipated nightclub catering to A-listers, influencers and those in “the scene”.

Beautiful, creative and multi-talented children of West-African descent, well-known in their entourage for their unending energy and enthusiasm, our new friends have successfully created a space where celebrities and party-goers alike can gather and just have fun in a no-nonsense, party atmosphere. Come for the party, stay to be seen, you just never know who might show up next at Meteor!

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Amirah Majeed - Edge Of Night #46003
Amirah Majeed - Edge Of Night #46003
Our Price: $150.00

Item # 46003
Edge of Night
Amirah Majeed™ Dressed Doll
Meteor™: The Launch
Limited Edition: 525

Head Sculpt: Amirah Majeed
Body Type: Meteor 1.0
Foot Sculpt: High Heel
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Ebony
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Quickswitch: No
The Story:
After weeks of long and complicated negotiations, the girls are finally ready to close the deal with the biggest act in town, just in time for the grand opening of Meteor! For this occasion, Amirah is dressed to show the band's manager that she means business but in her own, totally fashionable way... And, the message was received loud and clear!

Many strings were pulled and many favors are now owed, but contract in-hand, Amirah can't wait to tell her friends that they are this much closer to making their teenage dreams of owning an internationally renowned nightclub a reality!


  • 12.5" fully articulated doll with rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Elongated, menswear-inspired, textured chiffon shirt;
  • "Micro-suede", deconstructed, denim-inspired jacket;
  • Pleated kilt with contrasting plaid overlays;
  • Faux-leather handbag with shoulder strap detail;
  • Chunky high-heeled military-inspired boots;
  • Satin striped necktie;
  • Faux-silver dangle earrings;
  • Oversized "silver" ring;
  • Pair of long manicured hands with black rhinestone appliqué on one nail and glitter French tip on the thumb;
  • Alternate pair of grip hands;
  • Acrylic doll stand and pole;
  • Certificate of authenticity;
  • Signature designer packaging.
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Keeki Adaeze - Mischievous #46008
Keeki Adaeze - Mischievous #46008
Our Price: $269.00

Item # 46008
Keeki Adaeze Dressed Doll
The 2020 Integrity Toys 25th Anniversary Convention: Legendary
Meteor Convention Salesroom
Limited Edition: 400 Dolls

Head Sculpt: Keeki Adaeze
Body Type: Meteor With CI Arms
Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
Skin Tone: New Hispanic
Hair Color: Lavender
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Quickswitch: No
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