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Lorella Marcheggiani Falconi was born in the city of Pescara, Italy. As a child art always fascinated her, and she was always encouraged by her family to create and pursue any art form or craft that she was interested in.

“No art or craft has ever been able to keep me captive the way doll-making has. It allows me to use all the skills I have acquired over the years to create each doll. I never tire of creating dolls. I feel empowered to express myself as an artist and I continually strive to improve my abilities.”

Lorella began making dolls in 1998, first working on antique reproductions and later creating original porcelain dolls. Over time her work has evolved and now creates Ball jointed Dolls (BJD) in Porcelain and Resin. Her inspiration is drawn from family, friends and fond memories of her childhood.

Lorella has been nominated for and received awards for her artistry since she began making dolls in 1998. Some notables include: Seeley’s Magge Award, Seeley’s Original Sculptures Award, Dolls Award of Excellence, and DOTY Award: Industry’s Choice, People's Choice Award, and the Jack Johnston Award for Original Sculpture. Lorella's work has been featured in magazines including: DollPro, Dollcrafter, Doll Costuming , Dolls, La Bacchetta Magica.

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Lorella Falconi - Lady Bird BJD Doll
Lady Bird
Our Price: $894.95

10.5 Inch Tall Resin Doll - 18 Points Of Articulation
Edition Size: 50
Created In 2016

Her name is " Lady Bird", with the elections happening this year it seemed so appropriate to name her after one of the former First Ladies. During infancy Lady Bird Johnson's nurse commented that she looked as pretty as a Lady Bird, this adorable nickname virtually replaced her real name for the rest of her life. Opinions differ whether the name refers to an actual bird, or a lady bird beetle.

Lady Bird has hand-blown German blue glass eyes. Her curly tousled dark brunette wig is made from mohair.

Lady Bird wears a white cotton blouse and a pleated black linen skirt, striped leggings, arm warmers and cute lace up boots that can be worn with the collar up or down. Her look is made complete with a red coat with a removable hood, black stitching and white buttons. She can stand by herself but a doll stand is recommended. Also included with this adorable collectible doll is a back pack and toy bunny.