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A Bit of History ...

16 inch Willow Somers and Daisy Field began their journey in the nineties as collectible vinyl fashion dolls exquisitely designed for L.L. Knickerbocker. Dubbed “The Mod British Birds”, they captured the fun and excitement of the popular 1960’s mod movement and hearts everywhere. Their fashions have been described as fanciful, colorful, defiant and debonair. As the story goes, Willow and Daisy were best of friends and lived in the center of the mod 1960’s movement, London, England. Willow was British and Daisy was British/Hindu. The girls fathers were co-owners of the popular department store by the same name, “Somers and Field”. Willow and Daisy were reflective of the years that changed a generation.

Willow and Daisy were 16 inch vinyl dolls designed well before jointing appeared with the first C.E.D. Dolls. They can be found in collections all over the world. But, things have changed and Doug thought it was time to bring them back - but this time in resin with beautiful joint work and infinite pose-ability! We hope you enjoy them!