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My doll art took root in my joy of finding a penny in the lining of a pocket. First impression not worth much but with imagination, innovation, experimentation I would apply my life experiences to create my fabric figures. Turning the mundane into the marvelous has been a driving force in my creative life.

I have been creating my Art dolls since 1984. Born in Denver Colorado, now living in Carson City NV. A member of NIADA and ODACA, I have attended the Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear show for the past 8 years and a number of doll conferences and events.

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A Pageant Of Birds
A Pageant Of Birds
Our Price: $1,400.00

19 inches tall by 6 inches wide
One Of A Kind

Inspired by a photograph by Eudora Welty from the 1930’s.

Hair is of fine dark charcoal mohair yarn, sewn and twisted and into a sculptural form.

Over skirt and wing shapes in the center of the over shirt, has circular cutwork backed with the Norwegian wool. Small wool felt birds, leaves and seed beads create a three-dimensional element. Border on the overskirt is vintage trim work.

A spray of wool felt leaves, flowers and floral wire crown.

Vintage lace slip, vintage cotton bloomers.

Arms are outstretched with wings.

Fabric shoes replicate the pattern in the dress with very small silk ribbon flowers.

Stands on a round base with seed beads, felt border with gold thread stitching