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Covergirl - The September Issue Gift Set
Covergirl - The September Issue Gift Set
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Edition Size: 500
Created in 2022
Hair Color: Gold/White/Black
Head Sculpt: Mizi 2.0/Anna May/Gina Yao
Body: Fashion Model Body 2.0
Skin Tone: White
12 Inch Tall - 1/6 Scale

A clear, cold morning, MIZI is walking hastily in the busy streets running errands for her new boss.

After ending a heart-breaking long-distance relationship, with the inspiration and support of her dearest grandma MIZI had finally made the decision to quit her job as a corporate lawyer and pursue her lifelong dream of working in fashion.

She was hired as a personal assistant at a prestigious fashion magazine a couple of days ago. Although MIZI is still struggling to keep up with her boss’s grueling schedule, she could not be more excited today since the time has come for her favorite brand’s preview.

Growing up in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, EMILY developed an interest in fashion since elementary school, and once led a group of schoolmates to rebel against the dress code by dyeing the plain uniform colorful while in boarding school.

She’s been doing a job that a million girls would kill for, ever since she graduated from college. From the third assistant to first, and then recently promoted to junior fashion editor, EMILY worked her way up and always takes her job very seriously, making the impossible possible.

ANNA, editor-in-chief of Covergirl, is regarded one of most important figures in much of the fashion world. Soon after taking over the magazine from her predecessor, ANNA managed to revive what many saw as a stagnating publication and has been successfully using it to shape the fashion industry.

With her trademark white bouffant haircut, ANNA is generally praised for her eye for emerging fashion trends and is enormously influential with the designers. Beyond her remarkable work with magazines, she also pulls in an adoring global fan-base, making her an elite authority on fashion.

“September is the January in fashion ”, there are only few days to go until Covergirl's September Issue is finalized, ANNA is heading to the conference room with a folder in hand, the management team of the Publications is waiting for her there to close the most important Issue of the year.

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