At this time we only ship orders in the United States. We offer flat rate shipping based on order amount.

$1 to $150 - $13 shipping

$151 to $300 - $14 shipping

$301 to $450 - $15 shipping

$451 to $600 - $16 shipping

$601 to $750 - $17 shipping

Over $751 - $18 shipping

The web site adds shipping for pre-orders but does not consider the actual retail price charged which would increase the final shipping balance. For example, you make a pre-order deposit for a $350 doll at $25 and the site adds $13 for shipping. When the doll ships the actual shipping is $15 so another $2 will be added to the $13 paid. The balance due would be $350 plus $15 flat rate shipping minus the $25 deposit and the $13 pre-order shipping charge for a total of $327.

Also if you pre-order a number of items in one order we will ship as the dolls arrive. Each shipment will have a different flat rate price depending on the retail cost paid per shipment. For example, if you order three $350 pre-order dolls and pay a $25 pre-order deposit per doll each, as we ship each doll the price will reflect the retail price paid per doll not per order.

D.A.E. ORIGINALS - Updated 4/1/2023

Shipping directly from D.A.E.

INTEGRITY - Updated 10/04/2022

Shipping Now
East 59th - Frosted Passion
East 59th - Pressed Perfection
East 59th - Pink Mist
The Monarchs Homme - Power Vibes
The Monarchs Homme - Studio Sessions

LI’L DREAMER/DIANNA EFFNER - Updated 10/17/2022

Shipping Now

MIZI/JHD TOYS - Updated 4/1/2023

Shipping Now
Studio Dolls

Shipping Early 2023
Bloomhour - end of April
Wild Girl - end of May
Midnight Orchid - end of May
Adonis - Pink! Love! Power! - end of June
Adonis - Mechanic - July
Adonis - Country Strong - July
Adonis - Querelle - July

R. JOHN WRIGHT - Updated 4/1/2023

Shipping Now

ROBERT TONNER - Updated 12/16/2022

RUBY RED FASHION FRIENDS - Updated 4/01/2023

Shipping Now
Little Alice

Shipping April/May 2023
Queen Of Hearts

Shipping June 2023

RUBY RED GALLERIA - Updated 6/09/2022

Here’s how to change your shipping address:

  1. When you are reviewing the payment details, click the dropdown under “Your Shipping Address”
  2. Select your shipping address or click to +Add a new shipping address.
    • Review the details and click Save if you added a new shipping address.
  3. Review the details of your payment to make sure that all information is correct, and then click Send Payment Now.

If you’ve already sent your payment, contact the merchant to request a refund. Once the payment is refunded, you can resubmit the payment with the correct shipping address.

Here’s how to find the merchant’s contact information:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Activity.
  3. Click on the transaction for details.